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Our Patient Stories

Walking With No Wheelchair

“I had a fall and a doctor at a trauma hospital told me I’d be in a wheelchair. I chose Chen Medical, and I like the way they work. Now I’m walking with no wheelchair.” Listen to Georgina talk about her experience.

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We Can Discuss Anything
"My doctor and I have a very good relationship.  We can talk, we can joke and he encourages me!" Listen to hear more about Rita's experience. 
Feeling 100%
"Chen Medical is a place I like to go because they treat me well. Since I started going to Chen Medical, my health started to improve more than it had before." Listen to hear more about Etienne's experience.
She Treats Me Like Family
"She treats me very well. She listens to me, she treats me like family, as though I were her mom." Listen to hear more about Juliana's experience.
Tender Loving Care
They greet you when you come in. They’re smiling. They’re concerned about you. They’ve allowed people to be people. Tender loving care … they’ve just got a plan to make it work.” Listen to Jesse talk about his experience.
Greeted with Smiles
What does integrated healthcare really mean to Chen patients? For E'Corbine, it means transportation, pharmacy and X-rays in one trip. And, she says, the whole staff wears a large smile the whole time.
'I Have a New Life'
“I had been told I’d never walk again." When I went to Chen Medical, the doctor said, ‘We are going to get to the bottom of this.’ I’m able to walk today. I have a new life.” Listen to Rita Mae talk about her experience.